Chocolate Camp Photos

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Chocolate Camp Photos
Mmm, the best croissants ever!
Burdick's Pastry Collection
Burdick's Bonbon Case
Some of the varieties of chocolate used at Burdicks
Seven pounds of chocolate in a $550 tempering machine
Meet rabbit and owl -- two of my molded chocolates.
Molded chocolate lace cup around a small cake wiht berries
Pate de Fruit - Raspberry, apricot, pineapple, and black currant fruit jelly squares
Hand-dipped fruit, mice, and bonbons
Honey truffles being piped by a Burdick's employee
Rolling the truffles in liquid chocolate by hand
Finished Poire Williams Truffles
My little bonbons going in for a chocolate bath.
My little bonbons getting blown off.
My little bonbons getting their garnish of a candied pecan.
Michael making candies hazelnuts.
Candied hazelnuts covered in chocolate and cocoa powder
Hand-piped tempered chocolate garnishes