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Avoiding Scams

About Listing

Guidelines for Listing a Property

  1. To add a new listing, visit the Add a Listing page.
  2. Give your listing some pizazz by including a description Feature Title like: "Farmhouse Apartment with Yard and Garden" to entice renters.
  3. Provide as much contact information as you can — at least a name, phone number, and email address.
  4. A street address, city, and state is required for each listing in order to enable the mapping feature.
  5. Provide a photo, if possible. Ideally the first photo should be a horizontal photo becasue that gives you the biggest thumbnail on the list of properties. If you can, make your photo 400 pixels wide in your editing program. This will keep the file size small and the detail sharp.
  6. There is plenty of room for a long detailed description. Use it well. The more detail, the more likely you are to find a tenant quickly. We recommend you add notes like "small pets allowed" or "smoke-free apartment" to help people chooes the right property.
  7. Each listings will be deactivated 60 days after it was last updated.
  8. To update your listing, click the "Edit" link on your property page. You will need to provide the password associated with that listing in order to proceed.
  9. To deactivate your listing, click the "Edit" link on your property page, provide the password associated with that listing and select "Yes" under the "Deactivate" section.
  10. To delete a listing completely, email the Housing Coordinator.

Please Note

  1. AUNE reserves the right to edit or remove any listing at any time.
  2. AUNE does not endorse landlords, housing agencies, or rental applicants and is not responsible for issues between rental parties or inaccuracies in the listings.

Security Note for Property Managers

Please be aware of the potential for internet scams coming from overseas and out-of-area renters who contact you via e-mail. Check cashing and Internet banking scams are the most common. Never give out your banking information for a wire transfer. Learn more at National Consumer League Internet Fraud Watch.

If you have questions, or problems with the Housing site, please contact the Housing Coordinator at or 603-283-2130.